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Kate Lokken; new Hall of Famer

Kate is going into Morningside’s M Club Hall of Fame this week. While Jason Siemon and Mark Mohl, (both going into the HOF with Kate), have entries in River City Rivals also, it is this quote from Coach Jamie Sale about Kate and his early Mustang teams that reflects the special relationship between player and coach, especially when they’re thrown together due to a coaching change.

“Kate Lokken, by my second year at Morningside, was the only holdover left. We had Kate and then a couple of sophomores and then all freshman, so we were a really young team. Kate was an awesome player; that one kid that kind of toughed it out, got through it.

We knew that we really needed her, and she was a great leader. She was one of the main reasons this program turned around. Some other kids get a lot of the credit, but Kate was really the first one that really changed our program. A competitive kid but quiet at the same time.”

Whether you’re attending Briar Cliff’s Homecoming or Morningside’s this weekend, River City Rivals will be available at both schools’ campus bookstores.