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Leon Trimmingham; Briar Cliff

Another of the ‘greats’ that I was unable to connect with while researching River City Rivals was Leon Trimmingham. Now in retrospect, I should have used Facebook more extensively, (hey, I’m in my 60’s, give me a break), as we’ve messaged via FB recently. He is still solidly a Charger and has done quite well over the years, including his time in Australia’s NBL. Here’s a snippet of the book covering his time at BCU.

Briar Cliff hadn’t entered the picture yet when Leon turned down several NCAA D1 offers, most notably from the Georgia Bulldogs, to attend American University in nearby Puerto Rico. One of his assistant coaches there was Mario Butler, who filled him in on the BCU culture. After a prolonged decision-making process, Leon decided to head to Iowa. “Coach [Nacke] showed a lot of patience with me during that time.” He red-shirted his first year at Briar Cliff; he had played only two seasons of organized basketball up to that point in time. The next campaign, Leon came out blazing, averaging 16 points and nearly 8 rebounds a contest as a sophomore. He upped the points to 24.1 a night his junior year and accepted the first of his two Player of the Year Awards for NAIA District 15.