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Rolando Frazer

Probably no single player’s name is associated more with Briar Cliff men’s basketball than Rolando’s. Immediately, everyone in the Siouxland area knows you are talking about Rolando Frazer (1977–81), the first three-time All-American at BCU. Described by various teammates and foes alike as slender, quick, a leaper, super-quick, dynamic, he came to Sioux City and led the Chargers to a 101-17 mark in his four seasons. As teammate Mark Grace stated, “When Rolando came off the bench, instead of starting his freshman year, opponents were shocked by his talent and would ask us why he wasn’t starting.” Even though he was surrounded by great players during his career (Eddie Warren, Grace, Mario Butler, Tito Malcolm, Reggie Grenald, etc.), Rolando was always the focal point of Briar Cliff’s offense and their opponents’ game plans.

I talked with Frazer by phone in February 2018. His home is in Puerto Rico, and after Hurricane Maria swept through the island in September of 2017, it took until December for his house to receive power again. However, he had nothing but happy thoughts when we talked about his time at Briar Cliff. “My experience was really good; Ray and his family treated me nice. I got to play ball all over the country. I have good memories of Briar Cliff.” He also has a warm spot for the man who connected us, Patrick Noonan, Rolando’s roommate for all four years. “Pete and his whole family treated me like I was part of their family. He is the godfather to one of my daughters.” The three daughters are a tremendous source of pride to Frazer. “All three have their masters’ degrees, and one will make me a grandfather soon.” Rolando Frazer, a grandfather? To those of us lucky enough to have seen him in his prime, it’s a difficult thing to imagine. But then, he’s not necessarily out of his prime yet. “I will be 60 this year [2018], and I and Tito [Malcolm] are going to Queens, New York, for a Masters [basketball] tournament. Tito is 62 now.”